October 2020

Letter from Medical Program Director of King County EMS Division: Zach Zwaller and Brian Dotson are instructors for Dotson Safety Consulting an CPR…

Training Cpt **********,

I want to acknowledge Firefighter-EMT S*** W****, Zachary Zwaller, and Brian Dotson of ESFR for their care of ******* ******* who suffered cardiac arrest the early morning of Oct 3, 2020. As you recall, Mr. Libenson was napping when he began to experience severe chest pain. Upon assessment, he became unconscious and unresponsive in front of crews. The BLS crew provided care and with the assistance of Bellevue M-104 paramedics ware able to successfully resuscitate and  transport him to Overlake Hospital Medical Center. I am pleased to report that he was discharged home awake and alert, and with an opportunity to again enjoy life.

I appreciate your crew’s dedication to providing lifesaving care. I recognize that we are constantly working o deliver the best care while also evaluating promising approaches or technologies to push cardiac arrest survival even higher here in king County. Such efforts wouldn’t not be possible without the hard work and commitment of you and your colleagues. Mr. *** and I thank you.