April 2014:

An adult woman was watching her father (top exec for a local airplane manufacturer) as he was working on his hot-rod car in the driveway. She witnessed him collapse in the driveway, called 911, and began CPR. Brian Dotson was the Defibrillation technician on the call.

Combining her efforts of CPR, fire/EMS crews took over CPR and provided at least two shocks with an AED defibrillator. He was revived on scene, transported to a local hospital. He was discharged less than 5 days later. He returned to his aerospace career less than one month later.

Daughter claimed that though she hadn’t taken a CPR class in years, she recalled being told to Call 911, Push Hard, and Push Fast. FF Dotson was privileged to present her with a local lifesaver award months later!