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BLS CPR/AED (Healthcare Provider)


In this course, learners get to learn how to identify a life-threatening emergency and provide an Aid during the time of any medical emergency. Moreover, our BLS CPR/AED (Healthcare Provider) course is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Note: BLS Adult, Child, Infant (On site live, or Blended Online w/Live Skills, or 100% Remote Skills Verification)

Certification Period:

• 2 Years

Class Options available for:

• Adult
• Adult, Child & Infant

BLS CPR AID Sec 1 535x495px
BLS CPR/AED (Healthcare Provider) course is divided into 10 sections including:

• Section 1: First Aid Provider
• Section 3: Basic CPR Skills
• Section 4: Basic Life Support Care
• Section 7: Assessment
• Section 8: Soft-Tissue Injuries
• Section 9: Muscle & Bone Injuries
• Section 10: Facial Injuries