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C.A.B.S (Babysitting First Aid and CPR) Not Currently Offered


C.A.B.S (Babysitting First Aid and CPR) course can help teenagers and young adults to know to ensure a safe and successful babysitting environment. In this course, one gets to learn how to work with parents and children, ensure safety, caregiving, and first aid tips, and much more.

Certification Period:

• 1 Year

Class Options available for:

• General

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C.A.B.S (Babysitting First Aid and CPR) topics include:

• Section 1: Safety and injury prevention guidelines
• Section 2: Basics of Babysitting
• Section 3: Leadership strategies
• Section 4: Tips on age-appropriate play
• Section 5: Learn How to build rapport and stay engaged with children
• Section 6: Basic first aid for common incidents.