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Basic First Aid


The prime aim of Basic First Aid is to provide knowledge and skills to anyone who is eager to help someone in an emergency situation. The Basic First Aid is particularly designed for emergency response teams in different sectors such as the business sector, education, adult residential care providers, baby sitters, child workers, and so on.

Our basic first aid is categorized into 3 prime categories:

• Basic First Aid (On site live, or Blended Online w/Live Skills, or 100% Remote Skills Verification)
• Advanced First Aid (Contact us for a quote) (On Site Only)
• Wilderness First Aid (16-hr course) (On Site Only)

cpr, first aid, defibrillation
Class Options available for:

• Adult
• Adult, Child & Infant

Certification Period:

• 2 Years

Basic First Aid Couse is divided into 7 Sections:

• Section 1: Preparing to Help
• Section 2: Assessment
• Section 3: Sudden Injury
• Section 4: Sudden Illness
• Section 5: Environmental Emergencies
• Section 6: Bites & Stings
• Section 7: Additional Considerations