Combination w/ BLS CPR/AED


Combination w/ BLS CPR/AED is designed to train people who are interested to learn about BLS CPR, AED, and First Aid. The course will help you, an individual, to acquire knowledge and skills to help or aid children and infants in case of an emergency situation.

Certification Period:

• 2 Years

Class Options available for:

• Adult
• Adult, Child & Infant

cpr, first aid, defibrillation
Combination w/ BLS CPR/AED course is divided into 7 sections including:

• Section 1: Preparing To Help
• Section 2: CPR and AED
• Section 3: Assessment
• Section 4: Sudden Injury
• Section 5: Sudden Illness
• Section 6: Environmental Emergencies
• Section 7: Bites and Stings.